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| Last Updated:: 11 Feb 2020

Technical Support Services

Farmers Club is a forum which provides technical support services like soil and water testing through government lab, preparation of vermy compost khaad, seed distribution, veterinary related consultancy and bee-keeping .It also provides knowledge and skill about agriculture production and banking facilities relevant to the field. Transfer of knowledge about latest technology, seed fertilizers and irrigation facilities receive top priority as these factors help in the increase of production and services directly. Periodically veterinary camps are organized where treatment of sick animals is done, medicines are prescribed as precautionary measures and detailed consultancy is provided for upkeep of live stock.

In case of need, scientists of agriculture field and dairy field visit the campus to interact with farmers directly and to convince them in their simple local language. Villagers do not agree to any change easily .They also do not like to hear any critism of their traditional methods and customs .Sometimes institution has to offer its own land and other belonging to be used for experiment.

Any interested person is required to fill up one small form detailing therein what he wants. This format is obviously in local language. Query is satisfied face-to-face or over telephone or through internet, pamphlets, posters and pocket books are supplied to the Farmers Club from CSA Agriculture University, Kanpur which are distributed amongst farmers for knowledge and information dissemination. Agriculture exhibition is organized wherein innovative technology is presented for the selection and purchase .


            Bank officers are invited to apprise the citizens about various loan and deposit schemes including the use of credit cards. Every year seed of selected variety is distributed in college campus. All these activities are organized by our Farmers Club which has been established in the name of Shri Shakti Farmers Club under the guidance of CSA Agriculture University, Kanpur. Members of the club have been enrolled by University Farmers Club which is a central office of our farmers club. Our representative goes on 6th of every month to attend this meeting. Only farmers are the office bearers of this club. Our representative goes to attend the monthly meeting after collecting problems of various farmers and he brings the solution and communicates to concerned farmers. This situation comes only if problem cannot be settled locally to the satisfaction of any person.