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| Last Updated:: 11 Feb 2020

Cell for Encouragement of "Inclusiveness"

The XI plan of our country has given more and more insistence to encourage the concept of 'Inclusiveness' so that every body from disadvantaged place ,caste ,creed and category has easy and full access to higher education .Right of equity has been granted by the Constitution of our country but this granting of right is to be made meaningful and, therefore,it requires to be translated into action with real spirit .This spirit requires proper identification of those areas,regions,socio-economic groups which do not feel comfortable to have access to higher education than others .Rural-Urban disparity,physically disabled ,Below Poverty Line(BPL) card holders ,castes ,races and tribes declared by Article 341 and 342 of constitution as SC and ST, minorities and OBC (Non creamy layer) are in need of special attention.

With this view,a cell for encouragement of the inclusiveness has been established in our institution. This cell will not look only to the matters of implementation of reservation policy of the government but also will take care of compliance of schemes of government relating to scholarship and fee refund .Coaching for students progression and employment and remedial teaching to coup with their studies ,guidance and counseling services and mentoring services are also to be attended by this cell.This cell will ensure that there is normally no case of drop-out due to socio-economic reasons.'Mainstreaming' of students is to be encouraged.Academic flexibility ,participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities,training in job-oriented activities and availability of placement opportunities etc. should be made available equally without any discrimination on any ground.

Education is meant for not only to nurture the excellence of already gifted students but also to uplift not so gifted to enable them to progress in society .The constitution of our country has recognized SC and ST as two most backward groups and they need special attention just to meet the needs of these special groups.IQAC has decided to form a separate cell with no any other assignment to this cell except to see that concept of "Inclusiveness" in every sense is given full attention and weightage .