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| Last Updated::23 May 2023

Internal Quality Assurance Cell :-

⇒ IQAC Meetings 22 Nov 2021 (View / Download)

⇒ IQAC Meetings 20 Mar 2021 (View / Download)

⇒ IQAC Meetings 10 Feb 2008 (View / Download)

⇒ IQAC Meetings 2018-19 (View / Download)

⇒ Minutes of IQAC (View / Download)

Name of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) members:-
S.No Name Department Designation
1. Dr. Bhawna Sharma Principal Chairman
2. Shri Vivek Trivedi B.C.A. Co-ordinator
3. Dr. Devesh Dwivedi B.Sc. Management-Nominee
4. Dr. R.K.S.Kushwaha Director-Research Member
5. Dr. Manju Agnihotri B.Sc. Member
6. Dr. Sandeep Tripathi B.A. Member
7. Shri Shiv Saran B.Ed. Member
8. Shri Amit Kumar Srivastava Librarian Member
9. Shri Anish Ahmad (B.Sc.III) Student Representative Member
10. Ms. Pragya (B.Sc. III) Student Representative Member
11. Shri Gyanendra Kushwaha Village Pradhan Member
11. Shri Sita Ram Community Member
12. Shri P.K.Mishra Chartered Accountant Member
13. Shri Arvind Mishra Alumni Member

Some Important Decisions of IQAC are given below:-
S.No Decision Taken Date
1 To introduce group Insurance scheme for Student-teachers 3.12.2008
2 To Introduce Periodical Self –evaluation System by Student-teachers 24.06.2009
3 To Include the experts in the field of education and accountant as member of IQAC 21.12.2009
4 To revise aims and object subject to the consent of managing committee 09.03.2010
5 To allocate the students for mentoring and follow up the self evaluation forms . 23.06.2010
6 To adopt new format of lession plan 18.11.2010
7 To implement effectively OPAC system and to advise Library Advisory Committee members to realize the responsibility and accountability /importance of the committee 18.11.2010
8 To follow up the matter with the university for consideration of recommendations relating to curriculum revision 07.03.2011
9 Implementation of revised Aim and Object deferred for one more session 26.04.2011
10 Operational area of IQAC extended to other faculties 25.11.2011
11 Establishment of placement cell. 18.02.2013
12 Grant of autonomy to IQAC by Managing Committee on all non-financial matters. 18.02.2013
13 Sanction to Action Plan for 2013-14. 18.02.2013
14 Increase in number of add-on courses. 21.05.2013
15 Preperation of Plan,Planning and Policy ,Staff Service Conditions and Assessment & Evaluation guidelines. 21.05.2013
16 Approval of Academic Audit report 0f 2012-13. 21.05.2013
17 Propose to purchase a staff-bus. 01.08.2013
18 Organizing a Science Exihibition , Modal Competition at least once in every year. 04.12.2013
19. Approval to conduct a soil and water testing 04.12.2013
20. Approval for Action Plan 2014-16 29.05.2014
21. Amendment and decentralization of financial powers 29.05.2014
22. Submission of AQAR 29.05.2014
23. Formation of Steering Committee 07.11.2014
24. Adoption of Village Primary Schools 20.12.2014
25. Seminar on Biodiversity on 21,22 February , 2015 21.01.2015
26. Salary Increase by Rs. 1500.00 to teaching staff and Rs. 700.00 to non-teaching staff 21.01.2015
27. Appraisal forms of teachers 24.02.2015
28. Seminar on IYL 2015 to organize in June,2015 24.02.2015
29. To organize a seminar on Information Technology 13.05.2015
30 Conduct of Shri Shakti Scholarship Test on 14.08.2015 06.07.2015


Proceedings of IQAC Meetings
Session (2014-15)
Date: 21 Jan 2015

Resolution-1 It was Resolved and Passed :-

  1. Rs. 5000 be given by way of cash prize to all winners of MIME competition in Youth Festival at university level, and  Rs. 7500 to the team leader.
  1. Rs. 17000 be allocated as a prize to the best contributors of Biannual Magazine.


  1. Students of B.C.A. be provided job training up to maximum of 30 days at the cost of management.

Resolution-2 It was Resolved and Passed to celebrate Science Day on 20th Feb 2015 by organizing Science Exhibition wherein village Pradhans and other Community members will be invited.
Resolution-3 It was Resolved and Passed to organize a Seminar on Biodiversity on 21 and 22 Feb. 2015 in College Campus.
Resolution-4 It was Resolved and Passed to put-up appraisal forms of all teachers in next meeting.
Resolution-5 An interim increase in the salary by Rs. 1500 per month for teaching staff and Rs. 700 per month for non-teaching staff was announced by management representative.



Session (2014-15)
Date: 24 Feb. 2015

Resolution-1 It was Resolved and Passed that efforts should be made for departmental libraries at least for the teachers on experimental basis.
Resolution-2 It was Resolved and Passed to organize a National Seminar on International Year of Light- 2015 in the month of June 2015 as promulgated by UNESCO.
Resolution-3 It was Resolved and Passed that feedback report on Curriculum, IPR and Teachers may be made online and also a suggestion was there to review admission process if so required.
Resolution-4 It was Resolved and Passed the resolution of Principal for the co-operation of all teaching and non-teaching staff for conducting Annual Examinations.


Session (2015-16)
Date: 13 May 2015

Resolution-1 It was Resolved and Passed that Curriculum Implementation Committee formed earlier may be continued for this Session also. The Academic Calendar, Time table and Schedule for Co-Curricular, Extra Curricular Activities were also passed.
Resolution-2 It was Resolved and Passed to Organize Institutional Level Work Shop on the Role of Information Technology in Education as earliest as Possible.


Session (2015-16)
Date: 06 July 2015

Resolution-1 It was Resolved and Passed to Organize Induction Programme on 13 and 14 August 2015 for the new students of General faculty.

Resolution-2 It was Resolved and Passed to prepare Curriculum of Yoga and Interior Decoration so that Classes may be started in Structural manner from this Session.
Resolution-3 It was Resolved and Passed to Organize written test for the selection of Meritorious Students for Special Scholarship Scheme of the college named “Jh “kfä Nk=o`fRr ;kstuk-2015”.
Resolution-4 It was Resolved and Passed to motivate the Teaching Staff for Orientation Programme in Academic Staff Colleges at different places.


Session (2015-16)
Date: 30 October 2015

Resolution-1 It was Resolved and Passed that Financial Powers are granted to IQAC by Management Committee for the expenses up to Rs. 200000 per session which would strengthen IQAC working.
Resolution-2 It was Resolved and Passed to give prizes of Rs. 1000 per student for the five contributions in Science Exhibition and Poster Presentation to be organized on 4 November 2015.
Resolution-3 It was Resolved and Passed to make collective efforts to get good success in Assessment and Accreditation process by NAAC as tentative dates has been fixed on 19, 20, 21 January 2016 for the visit of Peers Team.