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| Last Updated:: 11 Feb 2020

List of Cultural Activities

Event Date
College Foundation Day (Alha Programme) 08 & 09/08/2016
Youth Festival 15,16,17/01/2017
Deviji Sthapna Varshikotsav 30/01/2017
College Foundation Day (Alha Programme) 08 & 09/08/2017
Independence Day 15/08/2017
Gandhi Jayanti Programme 02/10/2017
Youth Festival 15,16/01/2018
Youth Festival prize distribution 18/01/2018
Republic day 26/01/2018
Deviji Sthapna Varshikotsav 30/01/2018
College Foundation Day (Alha Programme) 08 & 09/08/2018
Gandhi Jayanti 02/10/2018
Youth Festival 15,16,17/01/2019
Republic Day 26/01/2019
College Foundation Day (Alha Programme) 08 & 09/08/2019

Guest Lecture

 Guest Lecture Date
Dr. Gaurav Rao 11/01/2018
Swail Testing Class Mr. Suneel Tripathi 04/01/2019


Photos of Cultural Activities (Youth Festival )

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