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| Last Updated:: 11 Feb 2020

Students Grievance Redressal Cell

The Institute has a Students' Grievance Redressal Cell to look into the complaints lodged by any student and judge its merit. The Grievance Redressal Cell is also empowered to look into the matters of harassment of girl students may be sexually or otherwise in special cases through its own sub-committee named as Ladies Care Unit with Anti-Women Harassment cell. Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the office bearers in person, or in consultation with the Head of Department/Principal. In case the person is unwilling to appear in self, grievances may be dropped in writing at the letter box kept for the purpose beside the Administrative Block of general faculty. Grievances may also be sent through e-mail to the Principal ( student may write his grievance in a grievance register kept in class room or in Administrative office room.


The objective of introducing the Grievance Redressal Cell is to develop a responsive and accountable attitude among all the students in order to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the institute.
A Grievance Redressal Cell has been constituted for the redressal of the problems reported by the Students of the Institute with in minimum possible time with the following objectives:

  • Upholding the dignity of the Institute by ensuring congenial environment in the Institute through promoting cordial Student-Student relationship and Student-teacher relationship etc.
  • Encouraging the Students particularly girl students to express their grievances/problems freely and frankly, without any fear of being victimized.
  • Advising Students of the Institute to respect the right and dignity of one another and show utmost restraint and patience whenever any occasion of rift arises.
  • Advising all the Students to refrain from exiting Students against other Students, teachers and Institute administration.
  • Advising all staff to be affectionate under Mahavidyalaya Pariwar and not behave in a vindictive manner towards any of them for any reason.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in and outside the institution. Any violation of ragging and disciplinary rules should be urgently brought to the notice of the Principal.
  • Facilitating a gender- sensitive and congenial teaching- learning environment at the institute so that girls are not subjected to any gender specific discrimination or sexual harassment.

Composition of Student Grievance Redressal Cell:-
The composition of Students Grievance Redressal Cell will be as under:- Principal of the institute will be the President and H.O.D. or Senior Lecturer of a particular faculty will be Vice-President. One Lecturer with administrative skill would work as convener of the cell. Over and above, departmental committees consisting of only students (boys and girls both) as per need would be set up assigning different position to them like President, Secretary etc. This Cell may have its meeting in Boy's Common Room if it is not occupied by other students for their rest and recouperation.

Nature of Complaints:-
Academic Matters: undue delay in the issue of duplicate Mark-sheets, Transfer Certificates, Character Certificates or other admission examination related matters.

Financial Matters : Non utilization of payments for various items for library, and games etc,

Other Matters: problems relating to any of the objectives as mentioned here-in-before.