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| Last Updated:: 11 Feb 2020

Resource Centres

The college is insisting more and more on practical work and for this purpose, it is having following well equipped Resource Centers:-

  • 1. Science and Mathematics Education Resource Centre
  • 2. Art & Craft Resource Centre
  • 3. Psychology Resource Centre
  • 4. Information and Communication Technology Resource Centre
  • 5. Language Resource Centre

Every student is supposed to go to his/her concerned Resource Centre to gain practical experience.

Welfare Measures

As a welfare measure, Group Insurance Scheme has been introduced for the students and staff of the college with the co-operation of Cholamandlam M.S. General Insurance Company Limited. For the scheme, college does not charge any thing from the students/staff by way of premium or otherwise.

Just after admission process is over, the institution organizes Three Days' Induction Programme which concludes with a Get-Together-Programme. Get-Together-Programme is organized by the students but the expenses are born by the management. This Induction Programme is organized with a view to provide pleasant and cordial environment for the starting of study to the new students


Important Committees

  • 1. Internal Quality Assurance Cell.
  • 2. Library Advisory Committee.
  • 3. Student Council
  • 4. Magzine Publication Committee.
  • 5. Ladies care Unit
  • 6. Games, Sports and Cultural Committee.
  • 7. Research Committee.

Institution has been recognized to have Scout and Guide unit, N.C.C. unit, Red-Cross unit and NSS unit. Suitable arrangement has been made for guidance and counseling and also for Redressal of Students grievances.


Resiential Arrangement

Our college has been permitted by Samaj Kalyan Vibhag, Kanpur of our State Government to use Hostel Facility available in nearby village, Koriyan situated at a distance of 2 K.M. from our college. However, students prefer to live in college Village in private houses.


Games and Sports

The college on the one hand, ensures the completion of syllabus prescribed by the University but on the other hand, gives full encouragement to the games and sports which play important role in motivation and overall personality. development of every student.


Parents' Contacts

Our College remains in touch with guardians/parents of the students through Parent-Teacher Association and village visit. We send Progress Report of every student and thus keep them well informed about performance of their sons/ daughters. We also seek their views on various college matters.



The college is having a library wherein sufficient stock of books, journals and periodicals is available. We are in process to develop and to modernise entire system of library working. The reading room is attached with the library and the library is having proper arrangement for furniture, newspapers and employment news etc. Every student is supposed to visit the library regularly during prescribed hours and to sign in the register provided for the purpose.


Library & Library Services

The library facility is available on all week days from 10.00 AM to 4.30 P.M. and on Sundays from 11AM to 2 P.M. Our library has 2067 titles with 6019 books, 15 journal and 30 encyclopedia/periodicals. Our library is also having CD'S. cassettes. etc and employment information material.
Apart from above, we have launched our village library for the use of local community. The College has a Library Advisory Committee with the representation of students therein.
New arrivals are communicated to the students/teachers regularly.