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| Last Updated:: 05 Oct 2020

Vision & Mission


To Provide excellent higher education including Teacher Education integrating with ground realities of life.



  1. To develop the competency to acquire intellectual strength directing to Course Learning Outcome and Programme Learning Outcomes of all faculties.
  2. To ensure the availability of minimum basic infrastructure as per Norms and Standards fixed by State Government /Affiliating University/ /NCTE.
  3. To give first priority for the professional development of teachers and to establish co-ordination with National and International organizations relating to teaching-learning and social services and also to ensure optimum utilization of these organizations.
  4. To develop the collaboration/link with Institutions/Industries for providing job orientation and need based knowledge exposure including internship.
  5. To develop the quality of teaching-learning by optimum use of innovative methods particularly e-technology and all available infrastructure.
  6. To encourage for self-discipline ,self-dependency, self-confidence, personality development, nationality and need based community oriented activities through value-added education.
  7. To introduce and encourage the emotional feelings of being in “Mahavidyalaya Pariwar” through the concept of participative management.
  8. To introduce and encourage the sense of mutual trust,mutual respect and mutual co-operation within and outside the institution.


  1. To achieve all or maximum Course Learning Outcomes which would lead to Programme Learning Outcome moving satisfactory to the VISION of the institution.
  2. To develop the awareness among the students about the ground realities of life and also to provide job- orientation.
  3. To prepare excellent academicians and good citizens with effective and developed personality through value-added education by encouraging the feelings of social commitment and nationality on participatory basis.
  4. To make competent to face the global problems like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, terrorism and also to gain the success in global competition in the field of education through excellent education.
  5. To create awareness about ecology and environment and to encourage such activities which may be an example for others.