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| Last Updated:: 22 Mar 2018

Computer Science Faculty

S. No.   Name   Qualification   Designation   Photo
1 Shri Vivek Trivedi M.C.A.,M.C.S.E. M.Tech Coordinator Description: C:\Users\VIVEK\Desktop\STAFF DETAIL\Pic-Staff\PH\PH\VIVEK TRIVEDI-.jpg
2 Shri Shyam Ji Shukla M.C.A,M.Tech. Asst. Professor Description: C:\Users\VIVEK\Desktop\STAFF DETAIL\Pic-Staff\PH\SHYAM SHUKLA.jpg
3 Ms Deepti Sachan M.C.A Asst. Professor Description: C:\Users\VIVEK\Desktop\STAFF DETAIL\Pic-Staff\PH\DEEPTI SACHAN.jpg
4 Shri Puneet Dwivedi M.C.A Asst.Professor
5 Shri Deepak Singh Chandel M.C.A Asst.Professor Description: C:\Users\VIVEK\Desktop\STAFF DETAIL\Pic-Staff\PH\DEEPAK SINGH CHANDEL.jpg
6 Chhaya Mishra M.Sc., M.Phil Asst. Professor