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| Last Updated:: 30 Dec 2014

Plan, Planning and Policy

( General Education 2012-13 to 2015-16)

To Provide excellent higher education integrating with ground realities of life.

  1. To ensure the availability of minimum basic infrastructure as per Norms and Standards fixed by Affiliating University/State Government.
  2. To give first priority for the professional development of teachers and to establish  co-ordination with National and International organizations relating to teaching-learning and Social Services and also to ensure optimum utilization of these organizations.
  3. To develop the collaboration/link with Institutions/Industries for providing job orientation and need based knowledge exposure.
  4. To develop the quality of teaching-learning by optimum use of innovative methods particularly e-technology and all available infrastructure.
  5. To encourage for self-discipline ,self-dependency, self-confidence, personality development, nationality and need based community oriented activities through value-added education.
  6. To introduce and encourage the emotional feelings of being in “Mahavidyalaya Pariwar” through the concept of participative contribution.
  7. To introduce and encourage the sense of mutual trust,mutual respect and mutual co-operation within and outside the institution.


  1. To develop the awareness among the students about the ground realities of life and also to  provide job- orientation.
  2. To prepare good citizens with effective and developed personality through value-added education by encouraging the feelings of social commitment and nationality on participatory basis.
  3. To make competent to face the global problems like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, terrorism and also to gain the success in global competition in the field of education through excellent education.
  4. To create awareness about ecology and environment and to encourage such activities which may be an example for others.


To facilitate the achievement of  Vision and Mission of any Institution ,every management has to perform five functions.These functions are   Planning,Organising,Staffing,Controlling and Directing.Without discharge of these functions properly,one may not even dream to achieve the vision and mission.To enable the management to discharge all  these function effectively, structured plan,planning and policy are very much necessary.Plan and Planning normally are such words which are very often misunderstood or used interchangeable.Infact,planning is an activity consisting of various processes to achieve the objective through a plan .Plan is a commitment for the particular course of action believed necessary to achieve specific results.Plans are prepared through the planning processes that involve various activities like “ what is to be achieved ,how to be achieved ,when to be achieved .”However,to meet any continegency   or any change ,institution should always have a strategy well in advance to avoid anything abnormal.For the successful implementation of any plan and planning ,formulation of specific guidelines for future course of action at every level is also required for a quality management as it would facilitate in the process of decision making .This is also essential to encourage consistency and contributory element under participative management concept.
With this view,the institution has prepared a structured plan,planning and policy and same has been appreciated  by IQAC and also have approved by Management Committee of the institution.
It gives me immense pleasure to present the plan ,planning and policy of the institution in the form of a booklet.It is hoped that all stakeholders would contribute for the achievement of vision and mission within time framework giving full respect to the process contained here in.




It is observed that vision and mission are not one and same but have two different connotations.According to us,vision puts more and more emphasis on long term concept of the institution with a high level of achievement .Mission deals mostly with how the organization will interact with various stakeholders.Though our institution is having its own revised vision and mission without any ambiguity and which are  not impossible to achieve, even then it is very much necessary to make the things very clear providing a road map for the institution to move comfortabily.In short,while vision represents challenging portrait of what the institution would be after three years,the mission communicates modus operendi to achieve the vision of our institution.

Why this Revised Vision
Fortunately , institution has been enjoying good reputation amongst all community members of the area not because of its being a new institution but because of adequate infrastructure including library and laboratory ,regular classes ,effective faculty ,discipline level and commitment for value –added education etc.Not as an exaggeration but being unbiased ,this institution was regarded as a boon for poors and especially for girls as they got an opportunity to realize their dream to get higher education very comfortabily and uniformally.
But institution was not satisfied with the system of imparting education as  students were confined to mainly bookish knowledge though good number of students was being selected as teachers and in Banks apart from getting admission in M.Sc. and B.Ed through competitive examination .Institution ,therefore, decided to reframe its Vision.Morever,through feedback on evaluation of Vision and Mission, community also suggested to improve social oriented education and to start add-on courses including job-oriented training especially for girls.
The matter was pondered by the promoters and think –tank of the institution and it was finally decided to prepare such graduates who may have willingness to translate bookish knowledge into practical life,who may have willingness to update their knowledge and information and who may have willingness to accept any responsibility with full confidence and independently .It was also decided to put up the matter before IQAC and Managing Committee to review the existing vision and mission. Accordingly ,earlier Vision and Mission were examined and new Vision and Mission have been brought –in. Institution observed that Vision “ To Provide Excellent Education” fixed at the starting was not very clear as the word “Excellence” carries different messages –one is literal message and other is spirit behind the word.Literally,Institution was relaxed to see more than 90% passed students with some first divisioners also.Many of them could get employment whereas some of them could get self employment .Someone could say for this excellence as publicity stunt.Institution found that with the elimination of national boundaries,it is the only internationally recognized degree and caliber that would be accepetable to the employment market.
Institution has prepared well thought planning and policy to achieve the end-result of Vision which may also be termed as institutional plan for three years to evaluate the same through feedback from all concerned stakeholders and also to strengthen conducive environment ,infrastructure and faculty base.It was also determined that for excellence in education ,Institution must give full attention to all three dimensions of higher education as desired by UGC i.e. teaching, research and extension.Teaching does not mean only class-room traditional system of using talk and chalk but also includes the sending of students outside for exposure of their knowledge and use of e-technology for knowledge imparting.So long institution is not recognized for research ,students must be made aware about basics of data collection ,analysis ,interpretation ,conclusion and implementation process.It is also made specific that even if UGC does not give any financial assistance ,add-on courses must be started to supplement existing educational system.Much insistence has to be given for employment skill and capacity building including to prepare for self-employment opportunities.The promoters also passed on message to management to study and implement the spirit of four pillars of knowledge as per UNESCO which are as under as this would help to bring excellence in higher education.

  1. Learning to know (tools of comprehension )
  2. Learning to do (to be able to interact with environment )
  3. Learning to live with others ( participate and co-operate with others in all human activity)
  4. Learning to be ( it being the essential way which integrates the previous three processes of learning)

Finally ,revised Vision of the institution stands as  under:-
“ To provide excellent higher education integrating with ground realities of life”
One may question –What is meant by  ground realities ? Obviously,our reply is based on total practical experience .Whatever we desire as a honest person in a honest society to lead a honest life,is a  true picture of ground reality.Normally,every student comes to receive any education which may become a source to lead his life very comfortably .No doubt, he may also be having a honest desire to become important part of not only his society but also of his country and thereafter ,of a world also .But his first choice is always his livelihood which he can achieve through employment or self-employment .For every student, only that education will be excellent which may first provide attractive employment within or even outside the country and also which may create and develop self-confidence to bear any responsibility and which may enable him to mix up in any culture ,language or country .While talking about ground realities and excellence ,importance of value-added education and education under extension activities must be given due weightage and these cannot be treated lightly or of no use .For excellence in higher education ,all the three dimensions as per UGC guidelines are to be attended seriously and systematically.

Mission or Planning is a process which involves the determination of future course of action i.e. why an action –what action –how to take action and when to take action .These why ,what ,how and when are related with various processes of planning .To achieve any long term end result which may be in the form of  Vision or Plan, institution is required to have mission or segmentation of short term planning –‘why of action’here reveals that action has some objectives or the end -result which is proposed to be received   , ‘what of action determines action to be taken ‘how and when ‘suggest policy and procedures, Mission determined by the institution enabling to reach to Vision is as under :-

1. To ensure the availability of minimum basic infrastructure as per Norms and Standards fixed by affiliating University /State Government.
The policy of privatization and liberalization of government encouraged the opening  of some of  colleges by private persons even without caring to provide basic minimum infrastructure .This aspect was not attended perhaps even by  permission granting authorities the result of which was the starting of poor quality or no quality and commercialization in education there. Here, infrastructure does not mean only rooms but includes faculty, library,laboratories and equipments relating to co-curricular/extra-curricular activities .Initially ,Our Institution had already provided infrastructure as per need of University /State Government but perhaps that is not sufficient to meet the vision and ,therefore ,first of all library should be modernized and fully automated with adequate stock of not only text books and reference books ,library should have sufficient arrivals of reputed journals and periodicals ,employment related study materials.Adequate arrangement should be made to provide facilities for research to teachers and students .Institution should have ‘Library Advisory Committee’with the representation of students and alumni.Library services should be user`s friendly and adequate facilities should be provided to physically disabled students.Library Advisory Committee should frame guidelines for the incentive to optimum users.Provision for Book-Bank,Extension related books and periodicals/books for competitive examinations should be invariably be made available.Library should have its own separate booklet containing the policy and procedure for its services .Institution should also make adequate provision in the Budget and should ensure that  amount provided is consumed for augmentation of library.
It is also decided to provide separate reading room with adequate facilities especially space and furniture.As early as possible ,General Faculty should have   library in its own building .It is also learnt that village library is not being properly utilized as some of citizens do not like to go to the library place due to inter-rivalary.Therfore,it is planned to shift this library in campus itself to ensure maximum use of library mainly for agriculture and allied purposes.
Institution is of the view that now library is the first centre place to receive education and ,therefore ,every possible effort should be made to make library modernized ,fully automated,fully enriched by books ,journals and users friendly services.
Now ,coming to laboratories , laboratory for our science faculty is  like a heart in body. Though Institution has observed minimum standard as per guidelines of State Government but that is not going to meet the end result of vision .Institution is required to provide spacious and well equipped laboratory to meet the needs of students.It is our duty to make student well trained to apply his theoretical knowledge practically. Society is also a laboratory where students get practical knowledge to become a good citizen .Students must be sent out also for the exposure of advance knowledge.Students should be encouraged to participate in job-oriented activities arranged inside the institution.
Facilities for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities should not be overlooked on the pre-text that no weightage for such activities is given in annual examination or these are not provided in the syllabus,It should be kept in mind that such activities come under learning by doing and are always very useful.A separate committee of students should be there to plan,monitor and for implementation of these activities.
Institution must provide an amount in its Budget and must consume the amount for the personality development for the students.
As a part of infrastructure facilities ,institution may think to use software of agriculture if so is available which may be useful for consultancy services in rural area.This should be done in addition to subscribe for agriculture  related journals and periodicals.

2. To give first priority for the professional development of teachers and to establish co-ordination with National and International organizations relating to teaching-learning and Social Services and also to ensure optimum utilization of these organizations.

3. To develop the collaboration/link with Institutions/Industries for providing job orientation and need based knowledge exposure.
Though institution is serious to engage qualified teachers which is also a part of infrastructure, but looking to number of private institutions, total availability of Ph.D. teachers in the state is much less than requirement.
Now, situation appears to be a little comfortable with the outcome of NET passed candidates but they are coming not through subjective test but are coming through objective test. In such cases, decision to appoint a NET becomes sometimes frustrating. Since interview and selection is made by a panel of university, institution has to accept and appoint. To attract quality teachers, salary as demanded is paid. Over and above, welfare measures and incentives are available. Institution has introduced incentive for professional development of teachers. Teachers are encouraged for orientation and refresher courses for which leave and salary are paid. They are encouraged for publication of articles in journals, for publication of books, paper presentation in seminar/workshop, to undertake atleast mini- research work for which much scope is available in rural area and also to work for community orientation. For all these activities, institution must form a policy to encourage the faculty. Institution should motivate them to actively participate in IQAC meetings. Preparation of Action Plan, Unit plan, assessment and evaluation system, Remedial teaching, mentoring, guidance and counseling in structured way and not merely by way of record building but by way to support  students for higher studies and for success in competitive examination for recruitment etc  are to be attended by teachers realising it as their responsibility and also accountability. Teachers should be encouraged against complacency. Now-a-days,  most of  teachers feel that whatever they know ,it is more than sufficient and their duty is only to give lecture or to dictate the notes. To meet this situation if so, proper  negotiations may be organized with teachers, and performance linked salary and incentives may be provided. Institution must observe about impact of orientation courses and  Refresher courses etc. as normally, the period of such training is treated as paid leave for enjoyment.
Institution should publish a booklet on service conditions so that staff may be aware of all these. To maintain service book for every staff ,is also a requirement.
Inviting guest speakers for in-place training must be attended and services of one or two experts would also be useful for in-place training for teachers.
Institution must have a policy for the payment of annual increment, salary increase due to enhancement in educational qualification, ability to show the impact of orientation course etc. on teaching learning. Institution is situated at a distant remote area. There should be a clear  provision of conveyance to the staff. Incentive committee needs to be more effective and welfare measures should be reviewed but institutional relationship is two way traffic. All above measures are suggested to encourage teachers for their professional development which would bring quality in teaching-learning through innovative methods.
To achieve the vision of the institution, it  must find out the scope to establish collaboration and co-ordination with national and international organizations so that placement scope may be examined and we may send our students there for the exposure of advance knowledge and also to develop awareness about work culture. Such collaboration is a must to get a platform for research activities. Being a self-finance institution, no organization and industry would agree to sign any MOU or agreement in writing but even if off-the record, some scope can be searched, there is no harm in searching such scope. Institution may collaborate with other private colleges provided they are willing. Though institution is not recognized as research centre, but nowhere it is banned for teachers to undertake research work for their professional development. Our students may be made aware about basics of research through action research.
The Institution has already obtained No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from State Government to start M.Sc. classes which may be started as early as possible as it is the need of community and college both.
With IGNOU through its study centre in campus and Jan Shikshan Sansthan, institution is already having formal link. More and more use of these links may be ensured. Indian Science Congress, NEUPA and AIU  are important organizations with whom institution is also having links and membership. Efforts should be made to activate college of community for which permission was granted by IGNOU but its functioning was stayed as policy declared by IGNOU itself.
To achieve the objective of excellence in education, our students must be efficient in applying their theoretical knowledge practically. They should be taken to other scientific centres/laboratories to gain experience there. Institute may invite scientists and experts in the college for guidance, creation and encouragement of scientific temper and creativity. Providing for or preparing for self- employment is on priority agenda and for that if possible, our team may go and contact certain industries to find out what quality of employees is required and accordingly, we may prepare our students also. Placement Agencies and NGOs may be invited in campus and Placement cell be well structured and must develop relationship with agencies which may be useful to assist in employment market.
Collaboration with reputed NGOs may not be that much difficult being the institute in remote rural area. Let us put our efforts to have collaboration not only with NGOs but also strengthen our links with headquarters of NCC, NSS, Red-Cross as these are necessary for excellence in education and also for awareness of ground realities of life.  

4. To develop the quality of teaching –learning by optimum use of innovative methods particularly e-technology and all available infrastructure.
The Institution has observed that with the opening of so many unplanned higher education institutions, two types of institutions have immerged-one small number of quality institutions and the other large number of institutions with inferior quality of education .As already known,several colleges in remote rural areas have been opened many of which are still fighting for minimum infrastructural facilities what to say to provide quality education .There is  much cut throat competition amongst private colleges in rural areas to attract the students for admissions through cheap publicity measures.
Our institution took this matter very seriously even at the time of its establishment. Therefore,institution recruited teachers of quality so that standard education may be provided .Institution is of the view that teachers should not adopt  old practice of “Talk and Chalk’ and should avoid the practice to dictate the notes copied from text books or guess papers.The institution must provide OHP and LCD  for the use by teachers.Use of laptop for teaching learning purpose should be encouraged .The lecture method must be replaced by interaction method. Institution has published its own booklet on Assessment and Evaluation and every suggestion of this booklet must be observed strictly.More and more attention should be paid on period- end assessment to ensure Assessment and evaluation every day.System of feedback from students should be popularized .Organising of seminar/workshop is another innovative system for learning and teaching.
Institution must identify certain activities which may be used by the students for “Learning by Doing” ,”Learning by Hearing”, and “ Learning by Observing” Field experience is also an innovative method for teaching and learning .Institution also thinks for more and more use of audio- visual aids during teaching- learning including the facility of teleconferencing.The use of study material relating to NPTEL,NKN and OER may be very useful to bring affectivity for teaching .To provide the facility of internet,library,journals,periodicals reference books is very much essential for the teachers to update their knowledge.Incentive committee may think to encourage the teachers of best performance in the field. The importance of remedial teaching ,mentoring ,guidance and counseling by way of support services have become inevitable for quality education.Institution may think to appoint a part time psycho counselor and to have some structured and effective system for career guidance through placement cell.Establishment of a seperate cell to look after remedial teaching in a frame work should be planned .Above all IQAC is a highest academic body with in the campus of the institution which is required to be institutionalized and empowerment to this cell would be an instrumental for the quality education of the institution.
Students must be encouaged to choose a path of discovery to have an inquiring mind.Anything thrust upon them ,however important,is not going to make any difference.Something which they are able to learn for themselves has a long lasting effect.Reinforcement to the inquiring mind can be provided through art and craft classes.Both art and craft are integral parts of real experience that makes  student life long learner.
The teacher has to bring about a change and for that, he should give a second look and a second thought towards his own self as a teacher.He should keep free from  traditional image of a teacher  with a  look on  face that he is a facilitator,a helper ,a contributor in the herculean task of shaping a human personality.

5. To encourage for self-discipline, self-dependency, self-confidence, personality development, nationality and need based community oriented activities through value-added education.
This mission attracts both important factors used in the vision of the institution i.e. element of excellence in education and ground realities of life.It  is proposed to meet this mission through value-added education which may  be a debatable matter with academic point of view. But for our present purpose, we take it as education that provides the students to learn the art of life management and also art of living in society and nation with full awareness about  rights and responsibilities for their growth. Here ,it would be in order to quote the views of Swami Vivekananda as under:
“By education I do not mean the present system, but something in the line of positive teaching. Mere book learning won’t do. We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet. What we want is Western Science Coupled with Vedanta, Brahmacharya as the guiding motto, and also ‘Shraddha’ and faith in one’s own self”.
Mahatama Gandhi articulates his vision of education as, “By education, I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man-body, mind and spirit”.
If our education does not provide good citizens to the society and nation then this would be a stigma for the excellence. Same way, if our education does not develop a sense of affection, co-operation, brotherhood, truthfulness, services for all irrespective of caste, creed, religion, economic status etc, that means deficiency in the system to produce good citizens .First four missions are effective to meet the need of self-dependency. Institution should provide such education which may strengthen self-confidence so that students may accept and face any challenge and responsibility any where specially in employment market. A curiosity should be aroused to remain life long learner with full natural attachment for creativity and scientific temper. Our students should be competent to bring social reformation which would contribute to national growth.
Institute must strengthen N.C.C., NSS, and Red Cross etc as all these would be useful for developing good citizenship, self-discipline and personality development. Various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities though may not be a part of syllabus must be given adequate importance by encouraging for competition at different level as theses activities enable a student to develop organizing capacity, leadership capacity with ‘win and lose’ element, co-operation, unity and strong determination. Appropriate provision in the budget and its utilization must be ensured .Though may not be financed and approved by university as per existing rules, but to supplement the education, institution should start add- on courses effectively in a structured manner at least for computer awareness and English communication as for both, suggestions have come from community, alumni and students. This would be effective resource to achieve the vision of excellence.
To provide community orientation, extension activities are the best resource .Moreover, for educational system UGC has viewed as under:-
“It is commonly known that through the dimension of teaching, there is dissemination of knowledge, through research new technology is generated and through the dimension of extension there is application of knowledge in real life of students which leads to the further generation of new knowledge.”
Looking to the values of extension activities, efforts should be made at appropriate level for the weightage in annual examination which would motivate the students for such activities. Substantial provision in the budget and its utilization should be ensured. Institution should have  well structured policy of Extension Activity approved in IQAC and this policy should be prepared  after  survey and assessment of needs of the society. Extension activities would provide overall personality development for students giving full opportunity to remain as life long learner.
Institution must realize the importance of this mission as this would create and develop awareness about ground realities of our life. Extension activities of rural and urban areas are not one and same. Rural areas are places where agriculture is the main source of livelihood.Health problems, illiteracy and other social evils are required to be covered under extension activities in this area.                         ‘Learning by doing’ and ‘learning by listening ‘would bring self-discipline and self-confidence. Institution is already  encouraging job-oriented activities for students and community through Jan Shikshan Sansthan. Placement Cell must be established not merely for the sake of name because once students confirm their faith in this cell, this would play vital role in supporting the achievement of institution vision.

6. To introduce and encourage the emotional feelings of being in “Mahavidyalaya Pariwar” through the concept of participative contribution.
The institution has to create and encourage the emotional feelings of being in “Mahavidyalaya Pariwar” through the concept of participative contribution. The basic concept of management is participative wherein the representative of teaching and non-teaching staff represents in the governing body of institution. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is constituted by including the representatives of students, alumni, community, financial sector which also shows a character of participative management. Institution has to seek the co-operation from all the stakeholders for the achievement of the vision. Institution will have to ensure the participation of staff by entrusting full trust in employees and allocation of  major responsibilities looking to the need and efficiency of staff, would be the best way to encourage them.  Institution is of the opinion that by paying the salary, one can purchase the labour and time of the staff but not the commitment for the loyalty to the institution. In case this loyalty is to be ensured then institution representatives particularly management must deal with the staff, students, and all stakeholders with full affection and regard coming from inner part of the heart.
“Inclusiveness” is the need of the time. UGC is also suggesting to introduce and encourage the concept of “inclusiveness” For that purpose, institution must establish a separate cell to look after the interest of SC, ST, OBC (Below Creamy Layer), Minority and other disadvantaged category. Physically disabled and socio- economically week students are also constitutionally entitled to utilize the opportunity to get higher education equally. Instead of segregating, management must encourage main streaming where no one may highlight the disability or any weak point of any student. When institution is talking about “Mahavidyalya Pariwar”, it is the duty to see that education is meant for not only to nurture excellence of already gifted students but also to uplift not so gifted to enable them to progress in the society. IQAC must see that remedial teaching, mentoring, guidance & counseling including career guidance of SC/ST and other disadvantaged category are run very effectively to meet the end of justice. Institution must be responsive to grievances and complaints of stake holders and separate grievance redressal cell must be established. As a family member, full protection should be given to the lady staff, girl students and lady guardians and there should be no mental or physical torture to  this category. Community, students, alumni must be given a chance to provide feedback on curriculum and also about the institution performance. When everybody is talking about “Vasudhaive Kutumbkum”(Whole world a family) then poor girls belonging to downtrodden society must be given every opportunity to avail higher education as these girls are unable to go to cities due to certain obvious reasons including their poverty. Institution must contribute in every type of village culture activities and should invite community persons in functions organized by it. In short, institution should create an environment wherein let people feel that this institution is the only institution where everybody feels nearest and dearest to everybody as in family. This would be very important step towards the achievement of end  result of institution.

7. To introduce and encourage the sense of mutual- trust, mutual- respect and mutual co-operation within and outside the institution.         
The last mission of the institution requires only psychological changes in the mind of all stakeholders. This mission is somewhat interrelated with the above mission no. 6. Unless different stakeholders show mutual respect, mutual trust, and mutual cooperation, it is very difficult to touch targetted milestone conveniently. If students coming from distant places or from disadvantaged category does not feel comfortable in the institution, neither he would take admission nor he would suggest others to come this institution for admission. If guardians or any other community members do not get due respect, in that situation, a feeling of hatred would generate in their mind. Sameway, if guardian or student has to wait for hours together for the solution of his problem or complaints ,that situation would also not be appreciable. Institution must provide a separate enquiry cell and  complaint cell where anyone can go for reasonable complaints or enquiry. Our teaching staff must remain present during extra hours for the guidance and mentoring of the students aggrieved. Similarly, library services should be made available not only after college hours but also such services should be made available on Sundays and holidays. Responsiveness on the part of management, teaching and non-teaching staff would be very much necessary for quality management. Institution is a part of the society and it should not be forgotten that more and more  attachment not only with  staff and students but also with society representatives would attract more and more community attention for quality relationship with the institution.

The institution has determined its vision that may be called as a long term end result or a long- term plan. At the same time, institution has also prescribed certain measures through which long term- end result can be achieved. Institution is of considered view that if institution is not in a position to produce the students who can get the employment of their choice and who can not meet the expectations of national and international employment market, such institutions would not survive for a long period. An element of commercialization is not going to be tolerated by the community and nation any longer and very soon a situation will come when institutions with no quality or with poor quality will have to go from the scene and ultimately survival of the fittest would win over commercialization and ,therefore, let us pledge unitedly to work together to achieve the vision of the institution within a prescribed period to be evaluated by all stakeholders every year.